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Infection Prevention

Horse Stable & Tack Room – Infection & Mould Prevention

Performance thoroughbreds like professional athletes need to be fit and protected from infection. The main cause of infection to racehorses are respiratory, EHV, Strangles and Heaves and causes horses to be quarantined for up to six weeks. Maxshield kills all respiratory infections and also kills mould, mildew and fungi. Standard fogging machines and power washers leave stable walls/ floors wet and liable to harmful bacteria/ virus. Maxshield kills these infectious diseases, up to 99.9999% and continues to kill for up to 8/10 weeks, Proven! It also dries in seconds leaving the stables free of damp and completely infection free. If used at race courses and horse transportation, the racing industry would be free of the respiratory problems suffered every year.

Equine Industry Virus Infection Protection

We believe that using our electrostatic service with award winning Maxshield, we will be at the forefront of preventing harmful respiratory problems within the horse racing industry, saving on vets bills and reducing water usage. And for as little as £5 per week, per stable, we will be helping to keep your thoroughbreds fit and well and free from infection. This has to be a WINNER !

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